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Friday, September 01, 2006

This is a web version of an information kit mailed to Wegmans store managers from URVEG in August 2006.

Included in the kit:

Video from the DVD:

Use the free QuickTime Player to view. The CC logo shown in the video toggles closed captions.

The brochure:

Dear Store Manager,

Greetings from UR-VEG. We're a volunteer community of faculty, staff, students and alumni at the University of Rochester, where Danny Wegman is a Senior Trustee. We work to reduce unnecessary animal suffering.

As you probably know, Corporate's handling of the public outcry over the film Wegmans Cruelty has left many of your customers feeling angry and betrayed. We know this because we've been collecting signatures from Wegmans shoppers. As of August 2006, over 2,900 of your customers (many of them life-long admirers of Wegmans) have signed so far. They frequently describe themselves as feeling “shocked”, “appalled”, and even “ashamed” of how your company treats its animals.

The Humane Society of the United States is urging Wegmans to phase out “battery” cages — a cruel and outmoded confinement system still used on Wegmans Egg Farm. These cages are so inhumane that many countries have banned them. In the U.S., large markets like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods have already phased out battery cages. Wegmans customers are left wondering why their favorite store lags so far behind.

Instead of cleaning up the farm, Corporate is attempting to pass the buck; they want you to dismiss customer concerns with misleading excuses. Your customers aren't buying it, and many are even boycotting your stores. As former Wegmans shoppers ourselves, we know you work hard to give us your best. We believe you take customer concerns very seriously. That's why we think you should know the truth.

This brochure addresses some of the excuses you've been hearing from Corporate. For example, it's frequently claimed that the conditions shown in Wegmans Cruelty were filmed at some other farm. We've included new video footage that supports its authenticity.

Your customers want to feel proud of Wegmans once again; they expect Wegmans to do the right thing. Please, do what you can to convince Corporate to listen to them.

Thank you for your time.


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