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Monday, August 07, 2006

AR 2006 Schedule

Adam Durand is president of Compassionate Consumers, a not-for-profit animal advocacy organization based in Rochester, NY that focuses on the cruelty of animals in agriculture and encourages consumers to adopt a vegetarian diet or seek out more humane animal products. He is well-known for his undercover investigation film, Wegman's Cruelty, which documents the cruel living conditions of the farm's egg-laying hens. He was arrested for trespassing and sentenced to 6 months in jail and has since been released on bail. Adam has received much media attention and was featured on ABC's "Primetime" TV program.

Conducting Open Rescues (rescuing animals from factory farms and suffering the consequences) - Durand, Pease, Runkle Agriculture

Campaigns (reports on campaigns to reduce the abuse of farmed animals) - Davis, Durand, Moncrief, Ornelas, Runkle

Wegman's Cruelty (Compassionate Consumers)


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