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Friday, August 04, 2006

Sunday, August 6: Wegmans Pittsford Demo

Hello all Compassionate Consumers!

The 700,000 hens of Wegmans Egg Farm need your help now more than ever! Please join Compassionate Consumers as we keep the pressure on by coming to Sunday's demonstration!

Date: Sunday, 6 August
Time: 2:45 pm
Place: Wegmans Pittsford, 3195 Monroe Ave.
Contact: john@compassionateconsumers.org, 585-317-4723

Compassionate Consumers was largely successful in our goal of keeping up regular demonstrations while our president, Adam Durand, was in Wayne County Jail for trespassing on Wegmans property to document life on a modern factory egg farm. Now that he has been granted a stay of sentence pending appeal, his hard-fought legal battle continues, and we need to show Wegmans that we will not go away until they end the ongoing, wholesale abuse of animals at their egg farm. Every demonstration educates more Wegmans customers and puts more pressure on the grocery giant to make reforms!

A couple of reminders: First, please park across the street or in adjacent lots, not on Wegmans property. They WILL call the police, and those guys have better things to do than telling people who are peacefully exercising their first amendment rights to move their cars.

Secondly, although this heat wave is supposed to break on Thursday, it is going to be plenty hot and sunny again on Sunday, so wear sun screen and drink plenty of water.

Please come out and help spread the message. Come alone, or bring concerned friends and family members- Compassionate Consumers will provide the signs.

We'll see you there!

John Annechino
Activist Liaison,
Compassionate Consumers


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