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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Wegmans egg farm film to be shown at Little Theater

9/25/2005 11:00 PM
(Joylynn Whitfield, WROC-TV)

The Wegmans egg farm debate heats up again Monday night with the debut of a documentary at The Little Theater. The film will be shown as part of the "Emerging Filmmaker" series.

"There is more behind the egg carton behind the sticker price of 99 cents a dozen," said Kyle Merkley of Compassionate Consumers. "A lot of people don't know where food comes from especially when it comes to eggs."

In the film, the group claims to go inside one of Wegman's egg farms.

"Some were submerged in manure pits, some in cages so small they could barely spread their wings. Many of them had oozing sores and were covered in feces from hens above them in stacked cages."

The group says the cruelty is similar to other caged chicken farms across the country, but it chose to focus on the Wegmans operation because the chain is immensely popular in Rochester.

Wegmans is fighting back. Spokesperson Jo Natale supplied News 8 with video of a Wegmans egg farm that looks quite different from the documentary's footage.

Natale said, "This film misrepresents our farm operation. It contains incorrect information about our farm. We don't believe that all of that footage and all of those images came from Wegmans' egg farm."

"As far as we're concerned we know footage is from their farm. We have GPS footage from Wegmans. We have footage of Wegmans egg trucks," said Ryan Merkley.

Three people involved in making the film, Adam Durand, Melanie Ippolito, and Megan Cosgrove, were charged with third degree burglary for breaking into the farm.

The film plays at the Little Theatre Monday at 9:15 p.m.

News 8 attempted to contact The Little to ask why it is showing the controversial film. We were unable to reach anyone for comment.

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