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Sunday, September 25, 2005


"If there's a way to do it better, we'll do it." -
Danny Wegman (CEO,Wegmans Food Markets Inc.) in an interview
concerning Wegmans Egg Farm in Wolcott, NY.

A month ago, CAP sent Mr. Wegman a letter outlining exactly
how they can 'do it better.' We have gotten no response

A Rochester organization named Compassionate Consumers
released a video exposing the truth about Wegmans Egg Farm.
If you haven't seen it yet, please download the film at
www.WegmansCruelty.com or ask for a DVD copy. Wegmans made
many claims on their website that this excellent video
disproves. The 700,000 hens on their farm were found packed
so tightly into battery cages that they had no chance to do
anything natural, such as even spread a wing. Other hens
were found tangled in the cage wire, unable to reach food or
water. Others were found covered in feces, living on top of
corpses, and some were found drowning in the manure pits
below the battery cages. Is that "Food you feel good about"?

Wegmans currently stands behind the misleading Animal Care
Certified (ACC) label they use; a label the Better Business
Bureau has twice ruled to be removed from egg cartons. Under
ACC, they are allowed to debeak hens, keep them in such
crowded conditions, and even starve them for weeks at a time
to force an egg laying cycle. CAP has asked Wegmans to stop
using this label and comply with the strict Certified Humane
Standards instead. They already have a reputation for
being progressive. We're just asking that they continue to
act accordingly by making changes to help these hens.

Being that Wegmans has refused to give us any type of
response, on October 1st we will have activists hosting
demonstrations at Wegmans' locations in nearly every city
where they have a store. We will be educating the public
about the atrocities of their egg farm, handing out
literature featuring vegan alternatives to eggs, and letting
Wegmans know that Rochester is not the only city with people
who care about hens.

Please join a demonstration in your area of NY:
Syracuse: Dewitt Wegmans 11:30am-1pm
Rochester: Pittsford Wegmans 12:15 - 1:30 pm
Buffalo: Amherst Wegmans 11:30am-1pm
Southern Tier: Corning Wegmans 12pm-2pm
Ithaca: 12pm-2pm
They claim 'Every Day You Get Our Best.' Let's hold them
accountable to that.

Please visit www.communityanimalproject.org for more
information on this campaign.

Shawn DeLeo
Community Animal Project


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