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Friday, September 09, 2005

Who is Crueler?
Wegmans Cruelty or KreiderCruelty.com ?

Undercover Investigation: Inhumane Conditions and Health Hazards Exposed at Major Philadelphia Area Egg Supplier

Philadelphia-based animal rights group Hugs for Puppies has just released undercover footage taken inside three egg production facilities operated by Kreider Farms in Lancaster County, PA. The video, which depicts eggs and birds covered in feces, birds trapped in cage wires, dead birds rotting in cages with live birds, and birds overcrowded in small wire cages, was condemned by animal welfare experts as portraying inhumane and unsanitary conditions.

Kreider is one of the nation's leading egg producers, and houses 3.5 million egg laying hens at its five locations in Lancaster County. The “battery cage” system of egg production depicted in the video has come under fire recently for its inhumane treatment of hens; the European Union has banned the use of battery cages after 2012.

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