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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New York Activists: Tell Wegmans to Stop Using Cruel Battery Cages

Dear Activist,

The New York-based animal advocacy group Compassionate Consumers recently released footage from an undercover investigation of an egg factory farm owned by Wegmans Food Markets, a major grocery chain based in Rochester. The investigators discovered 700,000 chickens packed into wire cages so small that they couldn’t even lift their wings. The tips of the hens’ beaks had been cut off, and numerous dead birds were found in the cages. The investigators rescued birds who had become trapped after falling into the vast manure pits under the cages, left to die by Wegmans.

Students at the University of Rochester have started a petition, asking Wegmans to stop confining hens to tiny wire battery cages. While chickens raised on “free-range” egg farms are still usually treated very poorly, ending the use of battery cages is an important first step in improving animal welfare standards in the egg industry. Please sign the petition and forward it to your friends and family so that they can do the same.

After you’ve signed the petition, check out our guide to egg-free baking and cooking on VegCooking.com. Eating eggs is not only unhealthy (eggs are packed with cholesterol and salmonella)—it also supports one of the cruelest industries around. Please help chickens and your health by cutting eggs out of your diet.

Thank you for all that you do for animals!


Chris Holbein
Vegan Campaigns


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