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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Grocery Chain Has History of Apathy Toward Animal Abuse
Farm Sanctuary's E-News & Action Alert 07/14/05

Ongoing efforts to convince Wegman's Food Markets, Inc. to stop selling products from cruelly-treated animals are being unheeded. This supermarket chain has stores in NY, PA, NJ, VA and one opening soon in MD. Their blatant justification and promotion of eggs from battery caged hens and crated, tethered veal is not tolerable. This chain has continued to shirk responsibility for a decade. Your help is needed to advocate for the humane treatment of farm animals!
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Battery Caged Egg-Laying Hens:
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. owns stores throughout the northeastern United States and is headquartered in Rochester, NY. In 1995, Farm Sanctuary's President, Gene Bauston, politely appealed to Wegmans food chain to stop housing their egg-producing hens in cramped battery cages. Jo Natale, Consumer Services Manager, stated in a July 19, 1995 letter that "birds are perfectly happy in cages which allow 53 to 60 square inches of space per bird."

One decade later, this same Wegmans spokesperson continued to defend battery cages in a Rochester newspaper, saying "We feel good about our egg farm," and claimed the factory farm they own in Wolcott, NY is clean and humane. Ms. Natale also promised to prosecute an activist group, Compassionate Consumers, for recently videotaping and exposing the horrendous conditions at Wegmans' Wayne County farm. This footage revealed sick and dying birds in crowded cages and some trapped up to their necks in manure pits. Although plotting to press charges for trespassing, ironically, Wegmans denies that all the footage was taken at their egg facility.

Attempting to placate the public, Wegmans claims on their website that it is in the hens' best interest that they cannot be free-range, "These birds are not scratching in a barnyard (that would be tough in snowy weather); they are fed and cared for inside chicken cages in environmentally controlled laying houses." Wegmans promotes their egg farm as being part of the United Egg Producer's 'Animal Care Certified program' which endorses battery cages that "allow enough space so hens can stand comfortably upright". However, the Better Business Bureau referred this case of misleading advertising to the Federal Trade Commission for potential legal action.

What You Can Do
Please contact Wegmans to complain about their cruel egg facility which they falsely promote as humane and ask them to stop selling veal from crated and tethered calves. For more information on these cruel industry practices, visit FactoryFarming.com

Jo Natale
Consumer Affairs
1500 Brooks Avenue
PO Box 30844
Rochester, NY 14603-0844
1-800-WEGMANS ext. 4760
Their online contact form: http://www.wegmans.com/guest/index.asp


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