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Monday, July 04, 2005

Wegmans Egg Farm

Did you know Wegmans has its own Egg Farm? Located in the town of Wolcott, it is the largest egg farm in New York State, and all Wegmans Brand eggs are produced at this location. We have the capacity for 750,000 laying hens. Approximately 60 employees contribute toward processing an average of up to 50,000 dozen eggs per day!

All our chickens are in cages to protect their health and well being. Chickens raised on the floor or free range are subject to certain types of intestinal diseases, because they have continual contact with their manure. If they are not treated with preventive medicines it can cause death. Egg laying chickens in cages are not in contact with manure so these treatments don't have to be given. Should there be some other problem, a Cornell Extension Veterinarian is on call. The bottom line for us, in addition to our chickens' welfare, is food safety. Wegmans participates in the New York State Egg Quality Assurance Program to insure our chickens are healthy and produce a clean, high quality, safe egg.


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