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Monday, July 04, 2005

"Group says Wegmans is cruel to animals"


The Buffalo News

ROCHESTER (AP) - A vegetarian activist group broke into the Wegmans Egg Farm in Wayne County three times last summer, and now it's using video footage from the illegal visits to accuse Rochester-based Wegmans Food Markets of animal cruelty.

The company denied the charges and promised to prosecute the activists, spokeswoman Jo Natale said. "We feel good about our egg farm," she said, calling it clean, humane and scientifically operated.

The Rochester-based group, Compassionate Consumers, produced a 30-minute documentary called "Wegmans Cruelty." The film is based on the raids, interviews with those who broke into the farm, comments from animal-rights activists and footage of Wegmans executives.

Benjamin Lucio-Martinez, a Cornell University veterinarian and chicken researcher, called the Wegmans Egg Farm the best in the country.


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