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Monday, July 04, 2005


FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: Adam Durand, Compassionate Consumers, (585)944-3345

Rochester, NY - Today, July 2, 2005, a Rochester based organization, Compassionate Consumers, released a 30 minute documentary depicting appalling conditions at Wegmans Egg Farm in Wolcott, NY. The video footage, filmed by investigators with Compassionate Consumers, shows the inhumane farming practices used to produce eggs at Wegmans Food Markets.

The documentary shows up to 9 chickens crowded into filing-cabinet sized cages. Chickens were also found with their heads caught in the wire mesh of their cages, submerged in manure pits, and living in cages with feces and rotting corpses. As a result of profound neglect at the farm, some of the hens were unable to reach food and water; many were found with untreated and infected wounds. Of the many in need, eleven were rescued by investigators. Nine were relocated to homes where they have the freedom to walk outdoors, roost, and dustbathe. Two were in such critical condition that they died before even making it to the care of a veterinarian.

“This kind of abuse is common in the egg industry, but we expected better from a highly regarded company like Wegmans”, says Adam Durand, an investigator with the group. “From the second I walked in I couldn’t breathe. I could hardly stand to be in there for a few hours, much less a lifetime. These animals have no quality of life and they deserve better. Customers have a right to know that this is what they are supporting when they buy battery cage eggs from Wegmans or any other store.”

Wegmans has owned and operated their egg facility since 1967 and has been part of United Egg Producers’ Animal Care Certified (ACC) program since 2002. The ACC program was recently ruled “misleading” by the Better Business Bureau. Practices such as intensive confinement, starvation to the point of 30% loss of body weight and searing off the beaks of chicks are considered acceptable under ACC standards.

Compassionate Consumers is a Rochester-based organization dedicated to providing the public with information about how animals are raised for their food. The open investigation of Wegmans Egg Farm shows that cruelty is an inevitable part of battery cage egg production. Compassionate Consumers members are calling on Wegmans’ customers to boycott battery cage eggs.



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