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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wegmans egg farm draws protesters

10/1/2005 9:35 PM
By: News 10 Now Web Staff

A group of protesters stood outside the DeWitt Wegmans Saturday afternoon. They say the grocery store chain is treating the hens at its egg farms poorly and many are packed so tightly together, they can't even raise a wing.

Wegmans says they meet all of the standards set down [by whom? the organization that gives standards that the Better Business Bureau has ruled to be 'fraudent' and 'deceptive'?], but these protesters want the company to make those standards tougher.

Greg Simon of the Community Animal Project says, "We want people to realize what goes on, and people to think about what they buy and what they eat, and that they have other options, and other ways to get nutrition."

Wegmans officials released an official statement defending their egg farms. They said "Free-range chickens, exposed to the outdoors, have a normal mortality rate anywhere from 20 to 40 percent a year. We believe that our farm, with a mortality rate of less than 8 percent, is doing the right thing."


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