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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Wegman Responds to Egg Farm Claims

by Anthony Pascale and J. Mendoza
photo by Bryan Beard
Rochester R-News

Published Aug 13, 2005

The president of the Wegmans grocery chain responded to allegations that his company mistreats chickens at the Wayne County egg farm.

A group of animal rights activists admits to entering the Wolcott Egg Farm last August to shoot video for a documentary.

They claim the video shows sick and dying chickens crowded into cages. Wegman responded to those allegations.

Last year, we were determined the best company to work for in America. Basically, the chickens are working for us. So, we're going to make sure they're well treated one way or the other. If there's a way to do better, we'll do it. Right now, we think we're doing pretty darn well, but we're always looking to do better,” said Wegman.

Three people face charges for breaking into the egg farm. If convicted they could spend seven years in prison.


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