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Monday, August 08, 2005

Protests at Pittsford Wegmans
8/6/2005 6:00 PM (Katrina Irwin, WROC-TV)

A group called "Compassionate Consumers" took their message to Wegmans today. They held a protest outside the Pittsford store because they say Wegmans doesn't treat their chickens properly.

The group produced a documentary which allegedly showed them breaking into the Wegmans egg farm in Wolcott to expose what they call poor conditions. Three of the group members have been charged with burglary in the 3rd degree.

Adam Durand says, "we don't have any regrets going in and exposing Wegmans for what the egg farm is really like. We were just fed up with the kind of statements Wegmans was giving to us and the general public.

"Wegmans spokesperson Jo Natale says, "there's no evidence of animal abuse", at the Wolcott egg farm. The egg farm is inspected by the USDA and the New York State Dep't of agriculture and markets a total of six times a year.

Wegmans also says they do offer organic cage free eggs, as an alternative for shoppers [who don't want to support animal abuse and a dishonest company?].


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