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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Where Can I Download Wegmans Cruelty?

1. Internet Archive
2. Animal Liberation Page
4. WegmansCruelty.com

Internet Archive Reviewer: SuperTofu - 5 out of 5 stars - August 1, 2005

Best Food Animal Film Yet

This documentary produced by Compassionate Consumers is the best documentary I've seen released about food animal production. There is no pathetic, graphic, PETA, force-it-down-your-throat manipulation intended to make you change. Instead, this documentary is about Wegman's egg farming practices and the many things which us Wegman's customers didn't know about their eggs.

This is a professional quality video. I purchased the DVD from their WegmansCruelty.com website and it comes loaded with bonus features not found on the mpeg4 download. The DVD features page is very well done, much better than most DVDs from the major studios. The scenes are cut together well, the shots are crisp and colorful, and there is no scary slaughter footage(I won't watch those videos). The interviews were particularly well done, both in brevity and people interviewed.

They never stray from their point with this video. It is extremely well done.


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