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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Wegman’s egg attack

Note: many claims in this "article" are false. This is not a reputable newspaper: it is not covered by Google or Yahoo News. Here are a few interesting quotes though:

". . a slick, professionally edited 30 minute documentary, showing chickens in cramped, stacked cages, some dead chickens and large piles of chicken excrement . . was released."

". . Wegman’s is not only one of the best at caring for their chickens in the state, but in the country,” said [Frank] D’Aurizio. . . . [I]n any large egg producing operation, some chickens will die. This occurs naturally and as in small farm operations, chickens do get caught in fences and cages. D’Aurizio said he discovered that although the mortality rate for chickens can run as high as 10-30% in small backyard operations, Wegman’s chicken mortality rate hovered at about 1% for the expected life of a chicken."

"Wegman’s spokesperson, Jo Natalie, Director of Media and Consumer relations for the company, stated that the stores do care about the needs and concerns of all groups and customers. She said that Wegman’s does offer two brands of organic/uncaged eggs for those customers who do feel strongly about large scale egg farms. “Our job as a retailer is to offer our customers a choice.”

"Compassionate Consumer representatives did not respond to requests for more information for this story [because they were never asked...]."


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