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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Egg on Wegmans Face

from Jeremy's Journal

Last year, I noticed protesters outside of the showcase Pittsford Wegmans, with signs directing people to wegmanscruelty.com. I dismissed them as a bunch of PETA-brained vegans looking for a big target to bring attention to their radical campaigns. I didn’t pay much attention to them, until I started hearing more on the news. . . .

I’ve always liked Wegmans, but this case bothers me. Wegmans was faced with some free speech that they didn’t like. Rather than simply counter with free speech, they pressured the legal system to give a severe sentence to one of their critics. Wegmans claims that “an intrusion like Durand’s could introduce pathogens — like avian flu — capable of wiping out whole flocks of the company’s birds”. Give me a break. Yes, we’re all scared of avian flu, but the plain fact of the matter is that Wegmans’ primary concern is with their corporate image. That’s what Durand attacked and that’s what Wegmans was lashing back against.

Because Wegmans took vindictive legal action instead of public relations action, I personally will not set foot in a Wegmans store until Adam is out of jail.


  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger a compassionate consumer said…

    "The statement from the film that most affected me was when Wayne
    Pacelle said that food producers know that Americans want their food
    produced humanely so they work hard to give that impression. That's
    an excellent point.

    No one denies the basic concept of battery cages -- confining birds
    for their entire lives in a small space. Regardless of how severe the
    rest of the issues really are, the fundamental mechanism behind this
    type of egg production seems wrong. I lived for 6 months with a
    family that kept a dozen chickens. Keeping them stuffed in cages the
    entire time would have been unthinkable.

    We won't be buying any more eggs produced in battery cages.

    I'm often offended by the extreme stances taken by groups like PETA.
    However, Adam, Megan and Melanie seemed honest and trustworthy. They
    showed the evidence and demonstrated their concern. I appreciate that
    approach. So, while I'm skeptical, you have managed to move me a
    little toward the wacko vegan camp. I'd like to be more of a
    compassionate consumer."


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