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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Adam Durand Granted a Stay of Sentence

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

This morning the presiding judge of the New York State Supreme Court Appellate Division Fourth Department granted a stay of sentence pending appeal for Adam Durand. Adam was released on bail today. This release will most likely last months until the Appellate Division makes a decision on his appeal.

This stay of sentence makes everyone more hopeful for Adam's case for appeal. Because of the ongoing appeal Legal Defense Funds are needed now more than ever. Adam's case has garnered media attention that has informed millions about the suffering of hens at Wegmans Egg Farm. The appeal will continue to draw attention to the animals' suffering.

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Adam was sentenced on May 16 to six months in jail for revealing the egregious cruelty at Wegmans Egg Farm. Wegmans requested the harsh sentence received by Durand—-a first time offender-—in an obvious attempt to silence critics of the company’s inhumane practices.

You can listen to the “Animal Voices” radio interview about Adam and the campaign with Compassionate Consumers Campaign Coordinator Ryan Merkley here

Read the City Newspaper article "Jailing a cage-free activist".

Listen to the podcast interview with Ryan Merkley on "Erik's Diner". (The interview begins about one-third of the way into the podcast.)

Read the Finger Lakes Times article here.

June 25: El Paso Radio Interview With Ryan Merkley
Monday, 29 May 2006
ImageThe Sunday, June 25 Animal Concerns of Texas radio show will carry an interview with Ryan Merkley, Campaign Coordinator for Compassionate Consumers. Ryan will discuss the investigation of Wegmans Egg Farm, the campaign, and Adam's sentencing. The show is broadcast on KTEP National Public Radio in El Paso, Texas. The show can be heard at 7:30 pm Mountain Time (9:30 pm Eastern Time).

You can listen to the show live on KTEP's website. (Click on the link at the left side of the page)


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