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Saturday, May 20, 2006

An Open Letter Regarding Adam Durand

From: Matt Metras

Date: May 17, 2006 5:02 PM


I was both shocked and appalled when I learned of Mr. Durand's sentence today. The thought of being punished for doing the morally and ethically correct thing was very disturbing to me. Though there is no argument that what Mr. Durand did was legally wrong, his misdeeds are grossly outweighed by the good he has done for our community.

Before I saw the Wegmans Cruelty film, I never gave much thought to where my eggs came from. The footage I saw in the film made me physically ill. No animal, pet or potential food, should be kept in the conditions shown at the Wegmans egg farm. I frequently wonder how the persons responsible for the treatment of these chickens can sleep at night.

Wegmans has repeatedly gone on the record saying the footage was not of their farm, at the same time as they were pressing charges for trespassing and burglary. A logical person would ask how Wegmans could press charges for a person being on their property, while simultaneously insisting publicly the same person was never there.
The overzealous aggression surrounding this case by Wegmans, Wayne County and Judge Kehoe reek of collusion to make sure the truth is suppressed, and Wegmans makes an example of anyone who would interfere with their bottom line. The squashing of testimony and evidence by the judge adds even more credibility to the premise that Mr. Durand is being made an example of by corporate America, and certainly does not hold true to the notion of pursuit of justice.

Since being enlightened on this subject, I have not purchased non-cage free eggs. Like most Americans, being ignorant about where consumables come from was much easier than doing the right thing. I have never met Mr. Durand, but I can sympathize with him. The people responsible for torturing these hens should be spending half a year in jail, not Mr. Durand. He should not be punished for making a morally and ethically, albeit illegal, choice. Adam Durand's trial and sentencing represents a gross miscarriage of justice, and all involved should be exposed and punished.


Matthew Metras
Rochester, NY


  • At 9:09 PM, Anonymous LRoA said…

    AMEN, BROTHA!!!!
    That's why I'm VEGAN!


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