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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Reader feedback - 5.24.06


I was both shocked and appalled when I learned of Adam Durand's sentence last week. The overzealous aggression surrounding this case by Wegmans, WayneCounty, and Judge Kehoe reek of collusion to make sure the truth is suppressed, and Wegmans makes an example of anyone who would interfere with their bottom line. The squashing of evidence by the judge adds even more credibility to the premise that Mr. Durand is being made an example of by corporate America, and certainly does not hold true to the notion of pursuit of justice.

Since being enlightened on this subject, I have not purchased non-cage free eggs. Like most Americans, being ignorant about where consumables come from had been much easier for me than doing the right thing.

The people responsible for torturing these hens should be spending half a year in jail, not Mr. Durand. He should not be punished for making a morally and ethically, albeit illegal, choice. Adam Durand's trial and sentencing represents a gross miscarriage of justice, and all involved should be exposed and punished.

Matthew Metras, Vermont Street, Rochester


Thank you for carrying the article about the trial of Adam Durand, who was acquitted of burglary and larceny after filming the egregious animal cruelty at Wegmans Egg Farm ("Of Food and Felonies," May 10).

Durand's goal all along has been to bring to light the cruelty behind the egg carton. For doing this, Wegmans tried to silence Durand by pressing charges. City's article proves that those who expose the cruelty of modern egg factories like Wegmans' deserve our admiration. Wegmans should be spending its time and money to phase out the cruel use of battery cages instead of attacking the people who are working to inform consumers.

Ryan Merkley, Edmonds Street, Rochester

(Merkley is a spokesperson for the Compassionate Consumers activist group.)


"Of Food and Felonies" (May 10) about the court case involving activist Adam Durand and Wegmans did a nice job of highlighting our society's changing understanding of food. It's not just egg producers who we've allowed to adopt cruel farming practices in the name of profit. To maximize the amount of calories turned into flesh, pigs kept in gestation crates don't get to walk or even turn around.

Thankfully, there's been a shift toward returning decency to animal husbandry. Recently, the city of Chicago banned the sale of foiegras, unnaturally enlarged duck or goose liver produced by forced overfeeding.

A ballot initiative in Arizona seeks to ban the use of gestation crates in that state. And the increased number of vegetarian foods at local grocers is another promising sign. Despite the fact that it has a long way to go, it seems humanity is returning to our understanding and treatment of farm animals.

Jason Ketola, Minneapolis, Minnesota


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