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Monday, April 17, 2006

The petitions were delivered by cart.

Wegmans Receives Egg Petitions
by Kate Welshofer
Photo by Andrew Heinze
Published Apr 17, 2006
Rochester RNews

Wegmans got a special delivery from some activists Monday.

Rochester based Compassionate Consumers and Ur-Veg delivered 2,000 plastic eggs to Wegmans corporate headquarters. A signed petition, asking Wegmans to change the way it runs its egg farm, was inside each egg.

“Wegmans has a reputation for being a forward-thinking, progressive company, but we think one area where they don't live up to that reputation is when it comes to animal welfare and in particular their egg farm in Wolcott, New York,” said Hoss Firoozina

Wegmans confirmed it received the petitions. Spokesperson Jo Natale said the company is always interested in hearing how customers feel. Wegmans maintains it does not mistreat its animals.

The company posted answers to questions about its egg farm on its website. Natale added Wegmans does offer consumers a choice. Eggs produced by cage-free hens are also available in its stores.


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