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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

'Primetime' covering egg farm burglary

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Finger Lakes Times

LYONS — District Attorney Richard Healy says he wasn’t exactly surprised when an ABC News producer called him recently to ask about the alleged burglary at Wegmans’ egg farm in Wolcott.

The case, after all, has already made The New York Times and has all the right elements to attract attention.

“It’s an animal rights group,” Healy said. “It’s Wegmans, a Fortune 500 company.”

A crew from ABC’s “Primetime” is expected in the area this week to do interviews for a segment on the egg farm burglary. It will be part of an hour-long show tentatively scheduled to air April 13, said “Primetime” spokesperson Paige Capossela.

Members of Compassionate Consumers, a Rochester-based animal rights group, acknowledge on their Web site that they entered the egg farm in 2004, and they’ve accused Wegmans of treating the animals there cruelly.

But Healy said he found no evidence of animal cruelty, and several members of the group were charged with third-degree burglary, a felony, after Wegmans officials decided to press charges.

The case apparently caught ABC’s attention be-cause members of Compassionate Consumers videotaped themselves at the egg farm and are now selling a DVD through their Web site showing what they did there.

The April 13 episode of “Primetime” will focus on people who got in trouble after filming themselves, said Healy, who will be interviewed for the egg farm segment.

“They’re] just going to ask the history of the case,” Healy said. “They’re interested in how the case got to me.”

The national exposure is nothing new for him: He was interviewed seven years ago for CBS’s “48 Hours” after a fatal road-rage case in Huron.

It’s not all that different from being interviewed by the more local TV stations, “other than knowing that it’s going to be shown nationally,” he said. “Kind of makes it a little more exciting, I would say.”

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Segment focuses on people who filmed themselves


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