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Friday, December 23, 2005

Make a Donation to Compassionate Consumers in the Name of a Loved One

If you've ever had trouble talking to friends or family members about the plight of farmed animals or if you just can't think of what to get someone this holiday season, here's a great gift idea.

This holiday season you can give a gift while also
informing your friends and family of the plight of the 750,000 hens at Wegmans Egg Farm, the largest such farm in New York State. Your gift to Compassionate Consumers goes toward helping these animals in one of two ways:

1. LEGAL DEFENSE for our three investigators currently
facing felony burglary and trespassing charges. The
outcome of the CC3 legal issues will set a precedent for animal welfare investigations nationwide in years to come.

2. CAMPAIGN MATERIALS for Compassionate Consumers' ever-expanding campaign against Wegmans Food Markets. At the center of the campaign is the documentary "Wegmans Cruelty", more copies of which will need to be ordered in coming month. In the five months since the campaign began nearly 10,000 copies of the film have been handed out or downloaded from various websites. Other materials include bumper stickers and
bumper magnets, as well as signs for our regular demonstrations. Many of these materials have been sent
to animal advoacy groups from Buffalo to Baltimore free of charge to help with local demonstrations and
other events.

When you make a donation of at least $20 to
Compassionate Consumers your friend or family member
will receive a special notice telling them of the gift made in their name. The notice will come on professional stationary and will inform them of Compassionate Consumers' campaign. It will also be accompanied by a cased copy of "Wegmans Cruelty" as well as a bumper magnet reading "WegmansCruelty.com: Watch the Film. Then Decide."

Donations can be made online at www.wegmanscruelty.com via PayPal or by sending a check to:

Compassionate Consumers
PO Box 18552
Rochester, NY 14618

Remember to give the name and address of the person
for whom you are making the donation.

Compassionate Consumers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit

Here are some significant events in the campaign's
first five months:

July 2, 2005 – The documentary, Wegmans Cruelty, is
released for free download on the Internet, and is
made available for sale. The Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY writes a comprehensive story covering
the investigation of Wegmans' Egg Farm. Subsequently, four news stations and other newspapers in the area
pick up the story.

July 15, 2005 – The Democrat & Chronicle exposes the
firing of a CC member from her job as a result of
participation in the Wegmans campaign.

July 21, 2005 – A letter is sent from The Humane
Society of the United States to Wegmans Headquarters
requesting that it cease to sell eggs from battery-caged hens. No response is received.

August 22, 2005 – The three Compassionate Consumers
investigators are indicted for trespassing, criminal
mischief, and felony burglary.

September 26, 2005 – Wegmans Cruelty is shown at the
nationaly-renowned Little Theatre in downtown
Rochester. 128 people turn out for the screening.

September 30, 2005 – The Federal Trade Commission
rules that the "Animal Care Certified" logo, which
appears on Wegmans-brand eggs, is to be removed from egg cartons nationwide by March 31, 2006.

October 12, 2005 – The University of Rochester
Vegetarian Education Group (UR-VEG) announces a
petition drive, asking Wegmans to follow the lead of the University of Rochester and convert its egg farm
to a cage-free facility. Danny Wegman is a Senior Trustee at the University of Rochester.

October 27, 2005 – A screening of Wegmans Cruelty at the Rochester Institute of Technology draws 135
people. Over 115 people sign the UR-VEG petition, bringing the total number of signatures to over 1,000.

November 18, 2005 – 45 activists from across New York
State demonstrate in front of Wegmans Corporate
Headquarters in Rochester. Some activists drive hours to be there.


Contact Ryan Merkley, Campaign Coordinator for
Compassionate Consumers, with any questions:


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