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Monday, December 19, 2005

Sunday, 18 December 2005

Santa showed up at Wegmans Pittsford with 14 other demonstrators
On Sunday, December 18 Santa Claus showed up at Wegmans Pittsford with 14 of his friends to make his opinions heard.

"Little Danny says that 'Every Day You Get Our Best,' but so far Danny hasn't lived up to his promise," said Claus. "Between you and me, he's on my naughty list this year."

What, according to Claus, is the best Christmas present that Danny could give to the 750,000 chickens at his egg farm? "He should make his farm cage-free," said Claus. "He's already planning on revamping the facilities shown in the film Wegmans Cruelty. If he tries out some cage-free sheds, Danny might just find some presents under his tree."

Santa spread the Christmas cheer Sunday, handing out DVDs as gifts to passersby. He told us that he may make a few more visits to Danny's stores before Christmas. Look for him at Rochester-area Wegmans stores in the coming week.


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