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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tonight, October 27, Compassionate Consumers had its largest screening of "Wegmans Cruelty" yet.

Tonight 135 people came out to see "Wegmans Cruelty" at Rochester Institute of Technology. Adam Durand and Ryan Merkley spoke shortly before and after the film. The President and Campaign Coordinator for Compassionate Consumers also showed a short clip of an investigator at Wegmans Egg Farm with a Global Positioning System. This helped to squelch questions of whether the documentary's Wegmans EGg Farm footage is authentic.

The talk by Durand and Merkley was followed by about 30 minutes of questions and answers. After that over 116 people signed the UR-VEG petition, asking Wegmans to go cage free. These signatures put the petition over 1,000 so far.

Three chocolate cakes and 50 cookies from Skippy's as well as four dozen home-made muffins were all devoured.

Julie Rothman, a student at RIT deserves much of the credit for getting people to tonight's screening. Julie flyered the RIT campus like she was getting paid for it. She spent a pretty penny of her own money to buy the food from Skippy's. She also worked on setting up tonight's event. She deserves congratulations on this. You can send those kudos to her at: jrothman05@yahoo.com

Next Thursday Durand and Merkley will be presenting at the University of Rochester premiere of "Wegmans Cruelty". This means the UR has to surpass the 135 from tonight.


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