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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Wegmans Cruelty is a locally produced documentary about the inhumane conditions at the Wegmans Egg Farms. Egg farms are infamous for cramped, and just plain nasty 'Battery Cage' production where 5+ hens are stored in wire-mesh filing cabinets. This documentary takes a look inside the production facility, and makes the problems clear.

I've seen Battery Cage production before, and because of that I have tried to purchase eggs that have some sort of 'Animal Care' logo on them. Consumer choice and all, you can get slave labor t-shirts, and I can decided to pay more for non-slave labor. What makes me mad is, from watching this video, it's clear that the 'Animal Care' logo is a lie. The animals taken care of under the logo are no better off than standard battery cage production.

I'm no chicken hugging hippie, but goddamn, the conditions are just unsanitary, and the "Animal
Care' logo is a lie. It's worth watching.

Movie Quality : A+ (for a locally produced documentary, it's awesome).


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